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GWA Technology Team

Determining a Need

Well over half of all small businesses and nearly all larger ones use human resource technology of some kind. It may be a narrow system focusing solely on online enrollment for employee benefits, or a broad system touching every aspect of an employee's lifecycle such as an HRIS (Human Resource Information System). Here's how to know if it's time to consider a system for your organization:

  • Errors and non-compliance
  • Paper overload
  • Systems that don't communicate
  • Lack of employee engagement

How we can Help

Managing your technology needs starts with a team that sees the big picture. The GWA Technology Team takes a multi-pronged approach while doing all the legwork for you.

  • Discovery
  • Best in class providers
  • Budget
  • Proposals and Finalist Demonstrations
  • Pricing and Contract Negotiations
  • Implementation and Project Management